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Devonstream Discoveries

Devonstream Discoveries presents a sonic tapestry of new music by artists from across Devon.

Presented by Mitty James, the programme features music from new and established artists. We’ll also share the best of our live Devonstream Sessions, celebrating Devon’s young up-and-coming talent.

How to listen

Devonstream Discoveries premieres on Devonstream on the last Friday of every month at 7pm, with more chances to hear it in the days that follow. You can also hear it on demand through the Devonstream website and our social media platforms.

Devonstream can be heard through this website, through various apps, and by asking Alexa to ‘open Devonstream’.

Listen again

See the full archive on Mixcloud.

Check out the extra session tracks on the Devonstream Sessions page.

Next episodes

  • Friday 25 August, 7pm
  • Friday 29 September, 7pm
  • Friday 27 October, 7pm

Get involved

If you make music of any genre in Devon, we’d love to hear from you.

If we select your music, we will:

  • Feature it on Devonstream Discoveries
  • Give you a chance to tell your story and introduce your music
  • Promote it on our social media channels

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Are you a Devon artist aged 18–25? Devonstream Sessions is offering eight young local artists (soloists or bands/ensembles/collectives) the chance to record live sessions for broadcast. Take a look at the Devonstream Sessions page for more information.

How we’ll make our selection

Devonstream’s usual content guidelines apply. In summary, that means it must be:

  • By an artist with clear connection to the county of Devon
    That could be by birth or by living/working here (including currently studying here). If you’re in a band, at least half of the band members must have that connection to Devon.
  • Compliant with rules on decency, fairness and impartiality
  • Of good technical quality

You can find out more about what we mean on our content guidelines page.

To be eligible to be featured on Devonstream Discoveries, it must also be:

  • Something new
    We want to share new music with our listeners, so we’ll only feature music released (or shared online) for the first time in the last six months.
  • An original composition
    We want to celebrate original music. We generally won’t accept cover versions unless they are radically different to the original, or have a great story behind them. Samples are acceptable, but you’ll need to be sure that you have the correct permission to use them.

Don’t meet these criteria? Your music might still be eligible for general rotation on Devonstream if it meets our usual content guidelines.

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A note on diversity

Devonstream Discoveries is designed to provide opportunities for musicians from all walks of life to get their music heard.

Devonstream is committed to showcasing a diverse range of audio content—including submissions from people of any age; ability or health status; gender; sex; sexual orientation; race; religion or belief; or social/economic background—as long as they have a connection to Devon.

We welcome submissions from all musicians with a connection to Devon. But to showcase the most diverse mix of music and support the most diverse range of artists, we may choose to prioritise artists whose characteristics are under-represented in the music industry.

Terms and conditions

Devonstream’s usual terms and conditions and privacy policy apply to Devonstream Discoveries.

We may invite selected artists to create extra content with us. We might share this content on Devonstream; its social media channels; and in other marketing activity. The content might include:

  • Artists’ name(s)
  • Other information by which they can be identified, including photographs, audio and video

Artists will need to give their permission for Devonstream to create and share this content.

When creating extra content, artists agree to:

  • Follow reasonable instructions given by the producer
  • Conduct themselves in a civil and friendly manner

We hope to use the extra content we create, but we cannot guarantee to do so.


Youth Music logo

Devonstream Discoveries and Devonstream Sessions are supported by Youth Music’s Incubator Fund thanks to funding from players of People’s Postcode Lottery.