9 December 2020

Share your sounds

Share a Devon sound that means something to you.

Every so often radio stations play short clips of audio to remind listeners what they’re listening to. These little clips of audio are sometimes known as ‘idents’ (as in ‘identity’) – they are the audio ‘signature’ of a station.

We want to fill Devonstream with the sounds and voices of the county. We’re seeking contributions of voice and soundscape recordings that we can edit together to create our own unique idents.

There’s no need to have special recording equipment for this – the voice recording app on a smartphone or tablet will do the job. (Of course if you do have more specialist recording kit, feel free to show us what you can do with it!)

Share a Devon sound

If there’s a place in Devon that means something special to you, we’d love you to share a recording of the ambient sound there. It could be anything — for example:

  • A stream on the moor
  • The lapping tide or crashing waves on the coast
  • Birdsong in your garden
  • The crowd at a sporting event
  • Aircraft taking-off/landing at hospitals or air bases
  • Livestock on a farm
  • Foghorns in Plymouth

We’re looking for clips no longer than about 30–40 seconds.

Share your voice

Try recording the phrase ‘this is Devonstream’. There’s no need to put on a special ‘radio’ voice – just say the words as if you were introducing it to a friend.

Recording tips

  • Add a makeshift windshield to your microphone
    If your voice recording contains noticeable puffs of breath (sometimes known as ‘plosives’ or ‘pops’), or you’re recording in breezy conditions and you can hear wind noise, try putting some fabric or foam over the microphone on your recording device (usually on the bottom edge of a smartphone). Socks and bits of sponge work well!
  • Keep your device still
    Place your recording device on a stable surface for the duration of your recording. Unwanted noise from the handling of your device can be picked up by the microphone and spoil your recording.
  • Stay safe
    Don’t trespass or put yourself in danger in order to collect your recording. Follow the usual health and safety guidance for the places you visit.
  • Get permission
    Make sure you have the permission of everyone identifiable in your recording. If you’re making recordings in a private place, ask permission from the relevant people before you start recording, and respect their right to say ‘no’.
  • Listen to your recordings before sharing them
    It might take a few attempts to get them sounding spot-on. Experiment with some different settings and recording locations to see what works best. Please only send us your best attempt!

Send us your recordings

When you’re happy with the way your recording sounds, email it over to .

You can also send your recordings via WhatsApp to 07400 920950.

Include any background information that you think is relevant: in particular, it’d be great to know who you are and who/what you’ve recorded. Please also confirm that we have permission to use the recording on Devonstream. We look forward to hearing from you!

(Please don’t use these details for sharing music or other fully-formed content for inclusion on Devonstream — use our dedicated upload site instead.)