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Questions and answers

We’ve answered some common questions relating to our Devonstream Sessions Producer and Devonstream Playlist Producer/Presenter job opportunities here. If you have any further questions, please email us at .

Who are you looking for?

Both jobs are open to 18–25 year olds with the right to work in the UK. We’re committed to creating a diverse team and welcome applications from young people of any background.

Do I need any qualifications or industry experience?

No. We’re far more interested in young people’s potential and enthusiasm for these jobs than exam results. No previous experience is necessary: an interest in music and a desire to listen and learn are the most important things to us. We can teach the rest.

What is the application process?

The closing date for applications for both jobs is Friday 14 April 2023. Applications received after Friday 14 April 2023 will not be considered.

We will make a shortlist of the best applications. Informal online interviews for shortlisted applicants will take place in late April 2023.

We aim to let everyone know the outcome of their applications by the end of April 2023.

We would like the successful applicants to start their jobs in mid-May 2023.

Successful applicants will need to provide confirmation of their right to work in the UK, and confirmation that they are aged between 18 and 25.

How long is the contract?

The contract for each job is for a fixed term of six months (26 weeks). We anticipate the six month contracts will run from May–November 2023.

Could the contracts be extended?

At the moment we have funding for each job for six months. It’s possible that additional funding or sponsorship could be secured to allow the projects to be extended, however we cannot rely on that happening at this stage.

What are the working hours?

Each contract is for 17 hours per week. We expect the people we recruit to be able to commit to these hours for the duration of their six-month contracts.

I have other commitments—can I organise my hours around these? Can I work fewer or more hours?

We aim to be flexible in how and when those hours are worked (for example, to help job-holders to fit their hours around other work, study or caring commitments). We can have a conversation about this and agree on an approach that works for both the job-holder and the project. However, the job-holders will also need to be flexible as they may need to be in certain places at particular times (for example, to record an interview; at a team get-together; at a training event; or at a promotional event).

It won’t be possible to work fewer hours: we believe 17 hours each week is the right number of hours to deliver these projects to a high standard.

It will also not be possible to work more than 17 hours each week: we have a fixed amount of funding for these jobs, so there is no option for additional paid overtime.

What is the pay?

We will pay £11.00 per hour, which exceeds the recommended ‘Real’ Living Wage set out by the Living Wage Foundation. (This equates to a full-time equivalent of £19,448.) Wages will be paid on a monthly basis.

Is there any paid holiday?

Each job-holder will have an allocation of 5.5 days paid holiday. (This equates to a full-time equivalent of 22 days.)

Is there a Workplace Pension scheme?

We will automatically enrol job-holders meeting the minimum eligibility criteria into a Workplace Pension scheme. Eligible job-holders will receive separate correspondence from our pension provider regarding this.

Are there any other benefits?

Job-holders will have access to regular feedback sessions; coaching and mentoring sessions; on-the-job training; and a free place on our well-established Audio Academy training scheme for aspiring audio producers.

We work with various partners, so there will be lots of opportunities for the job-holders to learn and network with experienced musicians, broadcasters, producers, engineers and marketing experts.

We’ll also give each job-holder a one-year 16–25 Railcard which can be used for a third off many train fares.

Where will I be working?

We’re open to discussions about how and where job-holders work. They might prefer to work from home most of the time, using their own IT equipment. Or they might prefer for us to provide some IT equipment and somewhere for them to work. We can have a conversation about this and agree on an approach that works for everyone involved.

Job-holders will also need to be flexible as they may need to work from certain places at particular times (for example, to record an interview; at a team get-together; at a training event; or at a promotional event).

Some travel within Devon will be necessary: we will plan for these events as far in advance as possible and organise transport. We will cover job-holders’ transport expenses to locations away from their normal working location. We prioritise the use of public transport.

How will I be managed?

Job-holders will be supported day-to-day by Devonstream’s project manager. They’ll also have regular access to a separate coach/mentor, to support them in their work and help them think about their future careers.

There will usually be two team catch-ups each week: these might be online or in-person meetings depending on circumstances. We’ll try to ensure the whole team gets together in person at least once a month at a different location in Devon. In between meetings there will be opportunities for informal catch-ups and one-to-one conversations.

Day-to-day work and communication will be managed using online tools including Asana for task management and messaging, and Whereby for video calls.

I have particular access needs: can they be accommodated?

We will endeavour to accommodate job-holders’ access needs and make reasonable adjustments to working processes and environments as necessary. Applicants invited to interview will have the opportunity to discuss their needs.

Can both jobs be combined into a single full-time role?

We want to foster a spirit of team working and collaboration, so we plan to recruit two people who’ll work together. We won’t consider requests to combine the two jobs on offer into a single full-time job.

Can one person apply for both jobs?

Yes. The application process for each job is different, so please submit separate applications. Each job role requires different skills, so consider this when preparing your applications.

What else should I know?

Ear, Knows & Throat Limited has signed the Equality in Audio Pact and has joined many other cultural organisations in declaring a climate and ecological emergency. We aim to act in the most socially and environmentally positive way possible, and we expect our employees to share these values.

Can you give me some tips for my application?

Read the job descriptions carefully. Take time to understand what we’re looking for.

Listen to Devonstream, and read more about us on other pages of the Devonstream website. Take some time to understand who we are and what we’re about.

Think about how experience from your life so far relates to what we do and the things we’re looking for. That experience could be from a previous job, but it could equally be something you’ve done at school or college, at home, or as a hobby or side-hustle.

Maybe you have:

  • Created a zine or fan page for your favourite band
  • Sold cakes to raise money for charity
  • Made a system or procedure better at work
  • Captained a sports team
  • Made your own music
  • Supported a friend or family member at a difficult time

This is all relevant experience.

Think about:

  • What motivated you to do these things
  • How you organised them
  • How you worked with others to make them happen

Give brief, specific examples of things that match the skills we’re looking for to demonstrate why you are a great person for the job.

We also want to know about your ambitions, where you’d like to go in your career. Think about:

  • Where you’d like to be in five or ten years’ time
  • How this job might help get you there

If you’re applying for the Devonstream Sessions Producer job we would like you to submit your application in writing. Here are some extra tips for your written application:

  • Check your spelling and grammar:
    Most apps like Microsoft Word and Google Docs (which is free) have a built-in spell-checker. Online services like Grammarly and Hemingway (which are both free for basic use) can help check your grammar. You could also ask a friend or family member to proofread your application too.

If you’re applying for the Devonstream Playlist Producer/Presenter job we would like you to submit your application as an audio file. Here are some extra tips for your audio application:

  • Plan what you’re going to say:
    You might not need to write a detailed script, but you should know where you are going. You only have four minutes, so keep things concise and avoid repeating yourself.
  • Be yourself:
    Don’t feel you need to put on a special ‘radio’ voice. We want to hear the real, authentic you. We have no preconceived ideas about the kind of presenter we are seeking.
  • Listen back to your demo:
    You might need to record it a few times to get it right. Does it make sense? Do you sound too rushed; too slow? Is there a lot of background noise that could be avoided? Try getting a friend or family member to review it and give feedback.

Do I need to send a CV?

No, just follow the application process we have set out for each job and respond to the prompts and questions as clearly, openly and honestly as you can.

Who is funding this?

These jobs have been funded by Youth Music’s Incubator Fund. It’s a fund designed to create sustainable, meaningful career opportunities in music for young people aged 18-25 (particularly those who are currently unrepresented in the sector) and to support creative employers to innovate and incubate new and diverse talent. The fund is supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

If you have any further questions, please email us at .


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These projects are supported by Youth Music’s Incubator Fund thanks to funding from players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

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