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Devonstream Playlist Producer/Presenter

Devonstream Playlist will be a series of radio programmes and podcasts that showcase new music from Devon artists, across a wide range of genres.

The Devonstream Playlist producer/presenter will be the main person organising, managing and presenting the Devonstream Playlist project.

This job includes both presentation and behind-the-scenes project management. It would suit someone with excellent organisation and marketing skills and a desire to develop a career as a presenter, journalist or producer.

Main duties

  • Marketing, using a variety of techniques:
    • Creating a campaign that will reach local musicians and encourage them to share their music.
    • Creating a campaign that will reach the wider public and encourage them to listen.
  • Listening to uploaded music and building playlists containing a good mixture of tracks representing different backgrounds and musical styles.
  • Looking out for opportunities to create additional content, for example artist interviews; gig/event listings.
  • Planning, researching and recording voice links to connect all of the tracks together.
  • Editing the music and links together into a complete programme. Scheduling the programme for broadcast on Devonstream’s playout system.
  • Organising their own work and keeping in regular communication with the rest of the team, so we all know what’s going on.

Who are we looking for?

We have no pre-conceived ideas about what the producer/presenter’s voice should sound like. They could be of any gender, from any background.

The job-holder will be the public voice of Devonstream Playlist, but they’ll also need to be an excellent listener. They’ll have a clear and friendly tone, and a great ear for what will work well in the programmes. There might be lots of messages and music to keep on top of, so they’ll need great organisation skills too.

In addition, we’re looking for someone with:

  • A love of music and other arts/cultural activity, with respect for all genres and styles
  • An interest in (and ideally some knowledge of) Devon’s music scene
  • A desire to develop a career in music, broadcasting or a related field
  • A keen eye (and ear) for detail
  • Basic IT skills (email, web searching, word processing, spreadsheets, etc)
  • A commitment to diversity, equality and environmental sustainability

This role will help the job-holder to:

  • Develop their team working and project management skills
  • Build their professional network in the music and media industries
  • Develop a portfolio, showreel or demo that helps them take the next step in their career

It’s important to say that we’re looking for someone with the right attitude and a desire to learn and develop. No formal training, qualifications or previous experience in this industry is necessary. We can teach the successful job-holder everything they need to know and provide all the equipment they will need.


This job is open to 18–25 year olds with the right to work in the UK. Please see our questions and answers page for more details.

Working arrangements

This is a six month contract, for 17 hours per week, with a wage of £11 per hour. We anticipate the six month contract will run from May–November 2023. Working arrangements can be flexible, although some travel within Devon will be required. Please see our questions and answers page for more details.

How to apply

Please apply by recording an audio demo.

This doesn’t need to be anything fancy: you don’t need to record with any special equipment or software. Recordings made with the voice notes app on a phone will be absolutely fine. In your demo, include the following:

  • Who are you?
    Tell us about yourself: what are your particular skills, strengths or talents? How will they help you with this job?
  • What are your ambitions?
    What’s your dream job? Where would you like the things you’d learn in this job to take you in your future career?
  • What excites you about Devon’s music scene?
    Tell us about something music-related in Devon that excites you. What is it, where is it, when is it? Why is it exciting? Make us excited about it too!
  • Introduce this track: ‘Shame’ by Fable
    Think about what would make a really engaging introduction. You might need to do some research into the artist to find more information. (There’s no need to include the track itself in your demo, just include your introduction.)

Your demo should be no more than four minutes long. (It can be less than four minutes: don’t feel you have to fill all the time if you don’t need to.) If it’s longer, we will only consider the first four minutes. It should include only your voice: please don’t include any other voices, music or effects.

The closing date for applications is Friday 14 April 2023.

For more information, help and guidance, we recommend you read through our questions and answers page before applying.

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